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Roaring Falls Historical Series

Welcome my friend, thank you for taking a peek inside.

Roaring Falls is an exciting new Adventure & Mystery series, confirmed to please readers of all ages!

The Historical Series opens the Roaring Falls Series by setting the beautiful background in which this fabulous story takes place.  From its rainbow inspired pastoral setting, a romantic small town is born.  As its 175 year long history unfolds, the humble town flourishes from pioneering days to become a modern metropolis that never sleeps, replete with the natural evolution of corruption.

To end rustling, the early citizen formed Mutual Protection Association, which evolves to become the legally formed Roaring Falls Law & Order Society.  With crime increasing, and these early endeavors at self-protection failing, the area progresses through the services of the state and county Sheriff's departments, before getting their own local Police force.  Today they have a full-time job, keeping a close eye out for menacing characters, and the many sinister activities which plague Roaring Falls.

Concurrent with the later public services offered, a fledgling detective agency is born and prospers.  From its modest beginning, by unraveling the toughest cases, Rumbleigh Investigations slowly develops into the worlds largest detective agency.  Rumbleigh Investigations Dismantles the Impenetrable!  The firm can honestly boast about their "never an unsolved case" reputation.

Thousands of tourists flock to New Clemons to view the magnificent waterfalls, tour Stren's Mill and visit other notable historic monuments.  The colorful characters who grace the Old City Area provide shoppers with interesting stories, and all forms of entertainment.  As dusk falls, the sound of music fills the area, and draws romance seekers and revelers to stroll toward the nightclubs at Lyndmar's Landing.

Roaring Falls Historical Series


We apologize; the first three novels in the series, and "The History of Roaring Falls" is undergoing additional editing, and should be released later this year.

Thank You!

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