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Cast of Characters:

Welcome to Meet the Cast my Friend

Many unique and interesting characters, both great and small, have helped build the City of Roaring Falls from the early pioneering days, to the bustling modern community of today.

Roaring Falls boasts an exciting, event filled history, spanning over seventeen decades.  The exclusive Branom Square houses the worlds largest detective agency, Rumbleigh Investigations.

The players are not due to arrive on the field for a some time, so make yourself comfortable in one of the cool box seats, and I will join you later.

Programs, Get Your Program Here!  Can't Tell the Players Apart Without Your Program!  Programs, Get Your Program Here!  Programs, Get Your Program Here!

Hey boy, over here, I'll take one of those!

Note to our Readers:  The detailed information concerning each Character, including their individual Character Sketches, will reappear shortly after each subsequent edition in the Roaring Falls Series is released.

Removal of the previously published "Meet the Cast" pages was due to an abundance of spoilers contained in the information presented.  Lighter details about the Characters will follow the release of each novel

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