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A Brief History of Roaring Falls:

Welcome, my Friend and fellow history buff!

The modern community of Roaring Falls boasts of a heritage that began more than 175 years ago, when the first trappers and early pioneers settled in the newly acquired Indian territory.  These families were soon joined by the first few settlers, and afterward, when the area was surveyed and opened for habitation, development of the community has continued to grow to the present day.

This thriving city clings to its earlier agricultural background while giving the appearance as a recent development.  Several century-old homes blend unnoticed with their contemporary new neighbors.  Well-preserved early historical structures, including two stone Churches constructed in the 1850's and Stren's Mill completed in 1866, are a reminder of Roaring Falls elegant past.

The three magnificent waterfalls, for which the city was named; its pristine lakes and lush forests, draw tourists from all corners of the globe.  Shoppers flock to the massive new mall at Gray's Crossing, and enjoy visiting the many quaint shops and stores in the Old City Area, boasting of a gentle, simpler lifestyle, from days of yore.

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The sprawling municipality of Roaring Falls incorporates 34.7 square miles.  From its historical Old City Area on the Coteaux River, it expands through vast level acres of prime farming and grazing land, before transitioning through a beautiful verdure landscape of heavily wooded, low rolling hills.  Traveling southwest on Fawn Valley Parkway, we find the land slowly metamorphosing into a lush dense forest where it climaxes at the foot of picturesque Trident Tines Plateau.

With lace-like intricacy, high above Summit Ridge, numerous meandering creeks emerge from between four dominant pinnacles, nicknamed the Regal Quartet.  They gracefully weave their way through the upper plateau valleys forming three distinct pools, collectively termed Butterfly Lakes.  These divided headwaters define three separate waterfalls that breathtakingly cascade downward in continuous fluid motion, over an exquisite bronze backdrop before pouring into Emerald Glass Lake.  This sparkling crystal clear body of water forms the point of beginning of the long and winding Franklin River.

The lowland area just beyond the new Gray's Crossing shopping mall district, in Roaring Falls bustling northwestern sector at the foot of Bluff Mountain, houses the centrally located County SeatYarnell County encompasses 892 square miles along the northeastern border within the mid-western state of New Clemons.

The complete historical background may be found in "The History of Roaring Falls" due to be published later on as part of the Roaring Falls Series.

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