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Invitation to Writers:

Welcome my Inquisitive fellow fiction writer!

The following tentative thoughts regarding possible offerings are currently in the planning stages, and therefore not yet open at this time.

However, you may be interested in a tiny glimpse of the proposals being kicked around.

This invitation page was created to address several unique opportunities.  Our work is intended to be made available and open to all writers, including aspiring authors; seeking to work from an established, solid and recognizable foundation, suitable for most genres, venues and time periods.

Our meticulous backstory has undergone over six years of development, and closely parallels the exclusive style of backstories which fueled several co-authored serial best selling novels.

We are currently considering several different offerings; Co-Authored, Collaborative Group and Independently Authored novels, as future possibilities.

Working as a ghost writer for several years, very little assistance was provided by those contributing sparse working outlines, and backstories were often non-existent.  This made our work much more difficult than it should be.
More recently, working these past few years as an in-house collaborative team writer; where the combined skills of many are pooled together; many new story building concepts were brought to light, expounded upon and polished to perfection.
A chronologically strict history, with genealogical accurate characters, while maintaining an open and completely fluid backstory; saves authors hundreds, if not thousands, of hours performing careful calculations and research.  The openness and fluidity allow the addition of new characters, locations and scenes while maintaining period accuracy and interactive relations.

Think of your favorite established TV show for a moment.  How much easier would it be for you to write an episode for this existing TV show, rather than build up a town and its characters from scratch?  What if you were allowed to bring in a new character, a new structure, even use a neighboring town not yet mentioned in the series, or even create a new town for the stars of the show to appear in.  It is these possibilities that make the backstory fluid; however, most TV shows are locked into a specific time period.

What if you could select almost any time period for your story, and know the character names are proper and conducive to that time period, the established scenes are correct for each era, and most scenes are complete with the history of the area.  By following established genealogies and chronology, even if you chose different names for your story, the time consuming groundwork is already finished.

This and so much more are what we are striving to achieve; so other writers may benefit and produce more novels faster and easier.  Many may be invited to use our series title as a kickoff point for their own independent novels or be listed as co-authors of series segments.

This is basically what we are considering to share with our fellow writers, when the time is appropriate to do so.

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