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Definition of MMM:

Welcome my curious friend!

I provided this secret insider info page just for you!

A person just curious enough to wonder what the MMM initials stand for,
and brave enough to check out the one and only tiny link to this page.

You can be sure it does not stand for Mysterious Mystery Solving Mayor, by the absence of the letter "S"!

Honestly though; the vehicle with the MMM monogram is my Private Cart, and it does have a mind all its own!
I have absolutely no control over where it takes me, and we have ventured to places I would never dream of going on my own.
Without my little Fun Buggy, I would have never found Roaring Falls!

It is also a kind of Time Machine; that allows me to venture back to explore the early Expedition and Pioneer Days.  The cart then detours through time, to see the many developments made by the First Settlers, and gives me a sweeping half-century tour of the Nineteen Hundreds before whisking me back to the Present.

Now, for the answer you've been seeking!
It is not as earth shattering as you may have hoped.

MMM simply stands for "Mystery, Mayhem and Madness!"

But don't go away just yet.      Return To Top

I plan to add things on this page, which will not be found elsewhere on this website.  Only those venturous travelers, such as yourself, will discover the many gems I have planned for placement here.

Since I do not have anything associated with Roaring Falls to place here at this time.  What I can do is offer a free copy of each of my four short-stories in or Generic.epub format via e-mail.

This is not a gimmick to get your e-mail address.  I do not harvest e-mails!
If you provide an e-mail address to receive the e-books, it will not be sold or used for any other purpose.
Nor will you receive other correspondence from me, unless you request I keep your e-mail address for announcements of publication dates.  Without a keep on file request, your e-mail will be deleted from my computers.

This offer is only valid until I begin placing insider info on this page.

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